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YIHUA-1502USB DC Power Supply

YIHUA-1502USB DC power supply is applicable for testing, debugging, repairing, or used in laboratory and school. It can be connected to computer or programming unit. Besides, our bench top power supply can be applied for mobile phone charging, data transmission and GSM signal testing.

The laboratory testing equipment is provided with USB data interface and system recovery interface. Featuring full power and optimal voltage stability, our adjustable power supply is a good helper for maintenance task by virtue of the multiple functions, including overload protection, short circuit protection, buzzer alarm, and automatic recovery.

Output Voltage Modes of DC Power Supply
Mode 1
Output voltage: 0-15V (Adjustable)
Output current: 0-2A (Full 2A)
Application: 0-15V/0-2A for power supply and charging.

Mode 2
Output voltage: 0-5V (Adjustable)
Output current: 0-2A (Full 2A)
Application: 0-5V/0-2A for power supply and charging, particularly suitable for mobile phone.
5V voltage limitation: with voltage limitation, mobile phone will not be damaged by overload voltage.

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