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LCD Display Touch Screen Glass Separator

1. With PID programmable temperature control technology and the highest precision PID input program, temperature is both adjustable and stable while deviations are minimized.
2. The heated aluminum is smooth and flat, ensuring a uniform surface temperature.
3. This LCD separator machine has the following user-friendly design features:
A. Celsius/Fahrenheit temperature display:
Designed to meet the market needs of different regions, the temperature display function can be set to display either Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on local practices.
B. Temperature correction feature
The surface area of the aluminum being relatively large, its temperature may vary slightly in response to large changes in ambient temperature. The temperature correction feature compensates for this potential discrepancy by correcting the temperature within the following range: -50 ℃ – +50 ℃.
4. The double-sided internal SMT manufacturing process boasts clean craftsmanship. The signal flow is clear, and the machine is both stable and safe, further improving its performance and adaptability to various harsh environments.
5. CPU temperature control
6. Mobile phone integration screen split

To separate the mobile phone, suitable TEMP is under 100 ℃.
In winter, suitable TEMP is 90℃.
In summer, suitable TEMP is 70-80℃.

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