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Precision Soldering Station

    1. 982 Soldering stationYIHUA 982 fast heating soldering station comes with C210 soldering Iron, which is used for electronic components soldering and rework.
      The soldering station features functions up to 5, one Hotkey to Operate.

The soldering station should have the anti-static function. Currently, it has two types of temperature control methods. The simplest one is the adjustable electric quantity control method. The soldering station realizes the temperature control through using the soldering iron to speedily transfer heat to the workpiece. Another temperature control method is of relatively higher grade. This method uses the chip to check the soldering tip temperature. Then, it uses the program comparison to adjust the on-off of the temperature controller, thus achieving the temperature control effect. When the soldering tip temperature is lower than the set temperature, you should connect the machine, and supply power to the temperature controller for heating. You need to stop the machine, once the soldering tip temperature is higher than the set temperature.

Our soldering station applies the PID temperature control method, which allows for the temperature control precision reaching 20ms per cycle.

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