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Soldering Station

Soldering stations are multi-functional devices for the welding of sensitive electronic components. The equipment is mainly composed of a regulated DC power supply and several soldering devices, including a de-soldering gun, hot air gun, de-soldering tweezers, SMD hot tweezers, etc.

Soldering stations are widely used for electronic device repair and maintenance, laboratories and related industrial fields.

The following are some previous developed soldering stations

    1. WEP-850A(II) Soldering Station High power vacuum pump with strong suction ability. This equipment is normally used to vacuum pick-up products with smooth and flat surfaces like integrated circuit boards, lenses, etc., and the suction head can be replaced according to the needs of the individual workpiece. s
    1. WEP-900H Soldering Station The WEP-900H soldering station features 90W power and it only take seconds to heat up from 0℃ to 300℃. Other than satisfying regular welding requirements, this soldering station is widely used for large soldering terminals, welding joints and other difficult soldering jobs.
    1. WEP-926LED-II Soldering Iron Station Imported high-power heater with rapid heating speed and long lifespan. The soldering iron holder adopts high quality 304 stainless steel. The handle is made of an environmentally friendly thermal resistant material and provides a comfortable feeling for operators.
    1. WEP-938BD+ SMD Soldering Station Our WEP-938BD+ upgraded version features a convenient design combined with soldering tweezers and a soldering iron. The equipment is widely used for soldering and de-soldering electronic components, chips, surface-mount devices, etc.
    1. WEP-938D SMD Soldering Station The WEP-938D SMD soldering station is an intelligent design featuring soldering tweezers and a soldering iron. It is widely used for the soldering and de-soldering of electronic components, chips, SMD (surface-mount devices), etc.
    1. WEP-938D+ SMD Soldering Station The hot tweezer soldering station comes with two soldering irons; you can either use an individual soldering iron or both simultaneously with different time settings. This is best fit for two operators due to the personalized design.
    1. WEP-939BD+ SMD Rework Station The WEP-939BD+ SMD rework station comes with a sleep mode that can be set to power down within 0-99 minutes. The solder iron will automatically go to sleep once it is put back onto the holder and the temperature will decrease to 200℃.
    1. WEP-939D+ Soldering Station The WEP-939D+ soldering station is an upgrade version of our 939BD+ soldering station with an added 3-segment parameter storage function that allows users to save preset functions in different temperature ranges for convenient future use. Interchangeable temperature display mode between Celsius and Fahrenheit...
  • Sleep Mod
    The soldering rework station has a status self-detection function, if the equipment is in static motion for a set time, the system will go to sleep and the temperature of the soldering iron will decrease to 100℃. This function can effectively prevent the soldering iron from oxidizing, which prolongs the lifespan and saves energy. The sleep time can be set within 0-99 minutes according to your specific situation and it can also be turned off.
  • Auto Power-off Function
    The system will count down once the machine is in sleep mode, if the rework station is not activated again in set time, the machine will automatically power-off to save energy. The auto power-off time can be set within 0-99 minutes with 1 minute increments.
  • Interchangeable Temperature Display Mode: Temperature display mode changes between Celsius and Fahrenheit according to different markets.
  • Sturdy mold manufacturing, pressure-resistant anti-falling ferroalloy iron holder with durable lifespan.
  • The handle wire adopts silicone material, high temperature resistance with good flexibility, and the silicon wire will not show obvious damage when contacting with 300 ° C iron tip for 30 seconds.

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