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    1. General TypeThe air gun with the service life of 20,000 hours is in compliance with the standard of brushless fan. It offers a large amount of soft wind which is uniform in speed.
      Made of ceramics, the heater inside the air gun is highly stable, durable.
    1. Precision TypeOur precision type 2 in 1 soldering rework station is multifunctional equipment which consists of air gun and soldering iron. It applies two LED displays. Small in size, this equipment helps you save the space while lowering the transportation cost.
    1. Functional TypeThe functional type 2 in 1 soldering rework station has fast temperature increasing rate. It only requires 10 seconds to increase the room temperature from 30℃ to 300℃.
      Its circuit board is manufactured with the double-sided board and surface mount technology ...
    1. Diaphragm Pump TypeMade of silicone, the air pipe applied to the air gun handle of diaphragm pump type 2 in 1 soldering rework station, has good flexibility, and withstands high temperature. It won’t be damaged when on exposure to the 300℃ soldering iron.
    1. General TypeOnce the handle is not placed on the rack, the machine unit couldn’t detect the safety command. Therefore, we can avoid the negative effects resulted from the handle placed in the insecure or flammable places.
    1. Smart TypeIts air gun handle is designed with safety protection function. Each time when power on, the equipment couldn’t start work properly until the handle has been placed on the rack.
      All the parts of the smart type hot air rework station come with self detection function. They will ...
    1. Diaphragm Pump TypeHandle wind tube of the equipment is made of silicone material. That means the tube is flexible, and resistant to high temperature. It won't be damaged within 30s when contacting with the 300℃ soldering iron.
    1. YIHUA-900H Lead Free High Frequency Soldering Station The soldering station has the power of 90W. It only requires several seconds for the temperature rising from 0℃ to 300℃.
      It has the password temperature lock function which can keep the unauthorized person from changing the machine parameters.
    1. YIHUA-936 Constant Temperature Soldering Station Our equipment applies the high quality ceramic heater which will not be twisted off and can be used for a long time.
      Manufactured with the new solid mold, it is resistant to pressure and impact.
    1. YIHUA-936A,YIHUA-937D+ Constant Temperature Soldering Station It is equipped with the imported high-power heater. Therefore, it is extremely suitable for desoldering large, complicated welded joints, in addition to the general small solder joints.
      Its handle wire is silicone wire which withstands high temperature and has good flexibility.
    1. YIHUA-936B Constant Temperature Soldering Station It won’t result in any damage to the delicate component, as the result of the anti-static design.
      Its heater is made of qualified ceramic. It can be used for a long time without any damage.
      Moreover, the equipment applies the blue ferroalloy iron holder, and its bottom is fixed with sponge.
    1. YIHUA-937D Constant Temperature Digital Display Soldering Station The anti-static design puts an end to the damage to the delicate components.
      Our soldering station has automatic failure detection function and alarm function.
      Manufactured with the new solid mold, it perfectly resists pressure and impact.
    1. YIHUA-939, YIHUA-939D Constant Temperature Digital Display Soldering Station This constant temperature digital soldering station suits to all kinds of environmental extremes. It can automatically detect the failures and has alarm function.
      With the high-power imported heater, it is not only suitable for general small solder joints ...
    1. YIHUA-937BD+/939BD+ Constant Temperature Soldering Station Equipped with the high-power Hakko heater, it is suitable for all the desoldering applications, especially those large, complicated solder joints. This anti-static soldering station will cause no damage to the delicate components.
    1. YIHUA-942 Anti-Static Soldering StationSAMSUNG SCM, PID program are applied for the real-time tracking, correcting the air gun air inlet temperature and soldering iron tip temperature. The PID temperature correction cycle is 100ms. The surprising temperature compensation speed makes the machine suitable for all sorts ...
    1. YIHUA-950 Lead Free High Frequency Soldering StationA buzzer has been installed inside the rework station. It alarms when the temperature reaches the set value, abnormal conditions occurs, or when the soldering station goes dormant or is automatically power off.
      The whole machine works stably with high-level configuration.
    1. YIHUA-9936 Portable Soldering StationIt applies integrated design with high-efficient switching power supply and power control system. Controlled by the SAMSUNG microcomputer PID, it allows for fast warming. Only 15 seconds are required for the temperature rising from 30℃ to 300℃.
    1. YIHUA938/938D+/938D+ Upgrade Version Anti-static LCD Display Soldering Iron StationLarge-screen LCD display clearly shows the readings.Adopt SAMSUNG microcomputer control, warming-up quickly.High quality and good resistance for long service life.
    1. 15V DC Power SupplyThe laboratory testing equipment is provided with USB data interface and system recovery interface. Featuring full power and optimal voltage stability, our adjustable power supply is a good helper for maintenance task by virtue of the multiple functions, including overload protection, short circuit protection, buzzer alarm, and automatic recovery.
    1. 30V DC Power SupplyAs a single output precision DC power unit, YIHUA-3010D DC power supply offers output voltage and current that are continuously adjustable within the rated range. It has a dual digital display screen for independently showing the output voltage and output current
    1. 60V DC Power SupplyYIHUA-602D DC power supply is a single output precision DC power device, which provides output voltage and output current that are continuously adjustable within the rated ranges. It can automatically convert the work mode of constant voltage or constant current
    1. Soldering Accessories
    2. The air gun nozzle is suitable for all pump type and fan type long tube gun handles.
      YIHUA wash-free solder wire weighs 50g to 500g. Its diameter range is from 0.3mm to 1.0mm. Mass customization is available upon request.