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    1. Upgrade Version SMD Hot Tweezer Soldering Station
    2. Parallel electric tweezers design, very convenient for small electronic components, chip, chip removal and installation of welded components. When you need to remove the parallel electric tweezers can be used directly on the welding points across the resistor components for heating.
    1. General TypeThe air gun with the service life of 20,000 hours is in compliance with the standard of brushless fan. It offers a large amount of soft wind which is uniform in speed.
    1. Precision TypeOur precision type 2 in 1 soldering rework station is multifunctional equipment which consists of air gun and soldering iron.
    1. Functional TypeThe functional type 2 in 1 soldering rework station has fast temperature increasing rate. It only requires 10 seconds to increase the room temperature from 30℃ to 300℃.
    1. Diaphragm Pump TypeMade of silicone, the air pipe applied to the air gun handle of diaphragm pump type 2 in 1 soldering rework station, has good flexibility, and withstands high temperature.
    1. General TypeOnce the handle is not placed on the rack, the machine unit couldn’t detect the safety command.
    1. Smart TypeIts air gun handle is designed with safety protection function. Each time when power on, the equipment couldn’t start work properly until the handle has been placed on the rack.
    1. Diaphragm Pump TypeHandle wind tube of the equipment is made of silicone material. That means the tube is flexible, and resistant to high temperature.
    1. Portable TypeThe portable hot air gun uses a PID programmable temperature microcontroller in order to track the hot air gun’s temperature in real time in a rapid 200ms cycle.
    1. Fume Extractor & Soldering Iron
    2. YIHUA 948DQ series version I II III fume extractor is designed with digit display, and can be integrated with soldering iron to meet soldering and fume extraction needs.
    1. 982 Soldering stationYIHUA 982 fast heating soldering station comes with C210 soldering Iron, which is used for electronic components soldering and rework.
    1. 15V DC Power SupplyThe laboratory testing equipment is provided with USB data interface and system recovery interface.
    1. 30V DC Power SupplyAs a single output precision DC power unit, YIHUA-3010D DC power supply offers output voltage and current that are continuously adjustable within the rated range.
    1. 60V DC Power SupplyYIHUA-602D DC power supply is a single output precision DC power device, which provides output voltage and output current that are continuously adjustable within the rated ranges.
    1. LCD Display Touch Screen Glass Separator
    2. With PID programmable temperature control technology and the highest precision PID input program, temperature is both adjustable and stable while deviations are minimized.
      The heated aluminum is smooth and flat, ensuring a uniform surface temperature.
    1. LCD Separator Machine, Separating Tablet PC, IPAD
    2. The LCD separator machine is designed to separate the smartphone from the LCD touchscreen. It uses a PID programmable temperature control system for a simple temperature adjustment with a stable performance and minimum tolerance. It uses a 5V/2A USB port, and supports smartphone charging for iPhones, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and other prominent brands.
    1. Soldering Accessories
    2. The air gun nozzle is suitable for all pump type and fan type long tube gun handles.
      YIHUA wash-free solder wire weighs 50g to 500g. Its diameter range is from 0.3mm to 1.0mm.