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3 in 1 Soldering Rework Station

This 3 in 1 soldering rework station is composed of a hot air gun, soldering iron, welding smoke absorbing device, and is suitable for refinishing operations or repair jobs for various components like SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, SMD, etc.

The following are some previously developed 3 in 1 soldering rework stations:

    1. WEP 992DA+ Hot Air Soldering Station The WEP 992DA+ hot air soldering station is an upgraded version of our 992DA hot air soldering station that features a personalized oblique display screen deign, and we added a 3-segement storage button to memorize all functions for different parameters.
    1. WEP-853D Soldering Station The WEP-853D soldering station comes equipped with a 5V USB port to connect with exterior equipment like USB lights or even for the power supply of devices like smartphones and tablets. Equipped with a cellphone RF signal detector to prevent damage to cellphones.
    1. WEP-853D+ Hot Air Soldering Station The WEP-853D+ hot air soldering station is designed to carry out various treatments, including heat shrinkage, drying, pain removal, thawing, debonding, reheating, and rubber welding on different electronic components. It is integrated with a 30V/5A DC current, hot air gun and soldering iron.
    1. WEP-968DB+ Hot Air Soldering Station Our WEP-968DB+ hot air soldering station is equipped with an anemometer (wind speed meter) to directly show the current airflow rate, which guarantees the soldering quality by effectively controlling the air gun power.
    1. WEP-992DA Hot Air Soldering Station The Yihua WEP-992DA hot Air Soldering Station is designed for high-quality soldering and de-soldering of multiple types of electronic components. It has special advantages for the de-soldering of mobile phone flex cables and cable boards.
  • The soldering iron handle comes with a smoke absorbing function; the smoke absorbing pen effectively removes exhausted smoke which provides a clean and healthy environment for operators.
  • LCD display screen, simple to operate with clear guidance.
  • The soldering iron has a sleep mode, and sleep time can be adjusted within 0-99 minutes.
  • The air gun wire and soldering handle wire are made of thermal resistant silicon material with great flexibility; it can also function properly in extreme low-temperature environments without breaking.
  • The heating core in the soldering iron adopts a high power element, it has highly efficient heating speed and super long lifespan, providing great effects when de-soldering large soldering terminals, large welding joints, etc.
  • The soldering iron holder is made of ferroalloys and fixed with an anti-skid sponge on the bottom. The soldering iron holder is also designed with a scroll rack for convenient acquiring of the soldering wire.
  • Temperature Control
    1). It takes only 10 seconds to heat from 30℃ to 300℃.
    2). Temperature display mode changes between Celsius and Fahrenheit according to different markets.
    3). PID controller for the real-time tracking of the air gun and soldering iron temperature in a 20ms cycle, and performs auto temperature correction with excellent stability of ≤±1℃ temperature tolerance.
  • 8. Safety Protection
    1). The air gun and soldering iron have a temperature compensation function within -50℃ to +50℃.
    2). Special ABS (anti-lock braking system) function to protect the air gun device when any malfunction occurs, the system will cut off the power supply automatically for safety protection.
    3). The equipment has a status self-detection function as well as an intelligent malfunction display and protection function when overheating, short circuit, open circuit, overloading occurs.
    4). Power off the machine if not in use, the switch is located on the back of the equipment.

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