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BGA Rework Station

The BGA rework station comes with an integrated pre-heating platform, hot air gun and soldering iron, and allows for a wide range of applications such as installation and rework of BAG (ball grid array) chips, etc.

The following are some previously developed BGA rework stations

    1. WEP-853AAA BGA Rework Station The WEP-853AAA BGA rework station is equipped with a pre-heating platform in addition to a hot air gun and soldering iron. This soldering equipment is more practical than similar rework stations as the integrated rework station can satisfy almost all applications thanks to its 3-in-1 design, compact structure, and powerful and economical functions.
    1. WEP-853AAA+ BGA Rework Station The 853AAA+ BGA rework station is an upgraded version of the 853AAA BGA rework station. The front interface features an aluminum panel designed with an elegant appearance. Built with a 3-segment parameter memory design, the machine can save function modes in different parameters for easier configuration ...
    1. WEP-946A-III LCD Display Screen Separator MachineThe LCD display screen separator machine is designed with a clean and smooth aluminum board with uniform temperature dispersion, and features an overheating protection function up to 130℃. This separator machine is ideal equipment for the separation of screens for devices like smartphones and tablets.
    1. WEP-946D-III Touch Screen Separator Machine The WEP-946D-III touch screen separator machine is specialized equipment designed for smartphone repair. The 5V/1A USB port can charge the smartphones during the repair process. The built-in UV curing light enables quick glue drying and enables greater bonding results.
    1. WEP-948D-II Desoldering Soldering Station The WEP-948D-II desoldering soldering station is an upgraded version of our WEP-948D desoldering soldering station and can be used in conjunction with electric soldering irons for a wider range of applications.
    1. WEP-948D Desoldering Station The WEP-948D basic version is only equipped with a vacuum soldering iron while the WEP-948D upgrade version comes with both a vacuum soldering iron and high frequency soldering iron with intelligent interchange function.
    1. WEP-948-II Rework Station The WEP-948-II rework station consists of a hot air gun, vacuum soldering iron, electric soldering iron and smoke absorbing pen, and it has a wide range of applications. The intelligent interchange function enables simple changeover between the vacuum soldering iron and electric soldering iron.
  • Temperature correction function prevents heating components from aging and system malfunctions such as overheating or so with a correction range of -50℃ to +50℃.
  • Temperature display mode changes between Celsius and Fahrenheit according to different markets.
  • Easy installation design of the hot air gun, simply connect to use or remove when finished.
  • Main power switch on the back of the station, power off the equipment when finished to save energy and extend the service life.

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