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LCD Separator Machine, Separating Tablet PC, IPAD

Model: YIHUA 946A-III

The LCD separator machine is designed to separate the smartphone from the LCD touchscreen. It uses a PID programmable temperature control system for a simple temperature adjustment with a stable performance and minimum tolerance.

1. The heating aluminum board has a smooth and flat surface to ensure a uniform temperature distribution.
2. It uses a 5V/2A USB port, and supports smartphone charging for iPhones, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and other prominent brands.
3. Personalized Features:
A. Interchangeable temperature display mode for Celsius or Fahrenheit for different international customers.
Temperature Correction Function:
B. The aluminum board temperature does change with environmental temperatures, but the auto temperature correction function ensures the aluminum board maintains a constant temperature status.

Technical Data
Rated Voltage: 220V + -10%50Hz or 110V + -10%60Hz
Power: 900W
Temperature Range: 50°C~120°C
Display: LED
USB Port: 5V 2A
Vacuum Pump Power: 12W
Overall Power: 900W
Aluminum Board Size: (L) 280 mm x (W) 200 mm±2mm
Silicon Pad Size: (L) 210mm x (W) 160mm±2 mm
Main Frame Dimension (L*W*H): 360x 288x 90mm

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