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2 in 1 Soldering Rework Station

The 2 in 1 soldering rework station is an affordable product, which is integrated with the lead-free soldering station and hot air rework station. It is designed based on the application features and environment. Or rather, it requires less space, and lowers the cost including transportation fees.

    1. General TypeThe air gun with the service life of 20,000 hours is in compliance with the standard of brushless fan. It offers a large amount of soft wind which is uniform in speed.
      Made of ceramics, the heater inside the air gun is highly stable, durable.
    1. Precision TypeOur precision type 2 in 1 soldering rework station is multifunctional equipment which consists of air gun and soldering iron. It applies two LED displays. Small in size, this equipment helps you save the space while lowering the transportation cost.
    1. Functional TypeThe functional type 2 in 1 soldering rework station has fast temperature increasing rate. It only requires 10 seconds to increase the room temperature from 30℃ to 300℃.
      Its circuit board is manufactured with the double-sided board and surface mount technology ...
    1. Diaphragm Pump TypeMade of silicone, the air pipe applied to the air gun handle of diaphragm pump type 2 in 1 soldering rework station, has good flexibility, and withstands high temperature. It won’t be damaged when on exposure to the 300℃ soldering iron.

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