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3 in 1 Soldering Rework Station

We have developed two types of 3 in 1 soldering rework station. According to the market requirements, we apply the latest surface mounted technology to make the rework soldering station which is integrated with DC power supply, hot air soldering station, and lead-free soldering station. This equipment with less area occupation is practical and energy-saving. It suits to all the conventional applications.

    1. YIHUA-992DA/992DA+ Soldering Rework Station with Smoke AbsorberBoth the air gun and soldering iron are designed with the -50℃ to +50℃ temperature compensation function. In addition, they have the Fahrenheit / Celsius temperature conversion function.
      The air gun has the manual / automatic mode switching function, while the soldering iron has the ...

Another type 3 in 1 soldering rework station is designed based on the new concept of environment protection. It is combined with such three functions as hot air soldering, lead-free soldering, and smoke absorption. It has an air-filtration system which can effectively prevent the diffusion of soldering generated noxious gas. The air-filtration system can be connected with a suction gun, which is used to fix and suck up the precision components during the hot air desoldering.

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