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YIHUA-2009D Hot Air Rework Station

1. YIHUA-2009D hot air rework station is extremely pretty with top-grade aluminum alloy plate. It can automatically detect the failures. If there are any failures, the rework station will alarm.
2. It is ideal equipment for standardized assembly line production. It allows you to set three different sections of air outlet temperature. Also you can set the time of each section of air outlet temperature. The intelligent system will complete the operations according to the set orders. After finishing, it will automatically return to the standby status.
3. This YIHUA-2009D hot air rework station adopts the microcomputer PID program to track and correct the air flow temperature at any time. The PID temperature correction time is 100ms per cycle. Because of the constant temperature state, it consumes less power.
4. YIHUA-2009D is improved from YIHUA-2008D. It shares all the functions of 2008D. The air gun cable uses the silicone wire of high temperature resistance.


Working Voltage AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Output Power 650W
300 ℃ Constant Temperature Power (rapid PID program control, energy -saving) 200W ±10%
Working Environment 0 ~ 40℃ relative humidity < 80%
Storage Environment -20 ~ 80℃ relative humidity < 80%
Dimensions 138*100*150 mm
Weight 1.86KG
Temperature Range 100℃ ~ 480℃
Air Supply Mode Brushless fan air supply
Air Flow 120L/min (Max.)
Temperature Stability ±2℃ (static state)
Display Mode LED digital display
Temperature Correction Mode PID Digital program calibrate
PID Temperature Correction Cycle 100ms
Heating Element Ceramic skeleton heater

Standard Configuration
Desoldering station: 1pc
User manual: 1pc
Air gun handle: 1pc
Nozzle: 3 (5mm, 8mm, 10mm)
IC extractor: 1pc
Smaller spanner (for nozzles disassembly): 1pc
Power plug: 1pc

YIHUA-2009D hot air rework station is applicable for soldering SMD components, multi-pin IC, and circuit board components. It widely used in schools, laboratories, electronic production lines, mobile phone repair industry, home appliance maintenance departments, and many more.

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