Smart Type Hot Air Rework Station

    1. YIHUA-969D/959D Hot Air Rework StationThis rework station is equipped with a durable brushless fan that will generate less noise. Moreover, the brushless fan has a high quality heating element which has doubled the working efficiency of the entire equipment.
    1. YIHUA-2008D Hot Air Rework StationIts air gun handle utilizes the high quality skeleton heater. This type of heater is durable in use, and offers high efficiency. Besides that, the air gun handle comes with the security protection function. When power on, the handle must be at frame, so that the machine can start working properly.
    1. YIHUA-2009D Hot Air Rework StationIt is ideal equipment for standardized assembly line production. It allows you to set three different sections of air outlet temperature. Also you can set the time of each section of air outlet temperature. The intelligent system will complete the operations according to the set orders. After finishing ...
  • The smart type hot air rework station applies the SAMSUNG SCM and microcomputer PID program, for the real-time tracking and correction of the air gun temperature. Therefore, the air gun temperature is highly stable.
  • Its air gun handle is designed with safety protection function. Each time when power on, the equipment couldn’t start work properly until the handle has been placed on the rack.
  • All the parts of the smart type hot air rework station come with self detection function. They will automatically prompt the failures including over temperature, short circuit, open circuit, overloading, and so on.
  • The heater used to the air gun is ceramic skeleton heater. It is highly stable, and resistant to hitting, impact, and vibration.

Standard Configuration
Machine: 1set
User manual: 1pc
Air gun handle: 1pc
Nozzles: 3pc (5mm, 8mm, 10mm)
IC extractor: 1pc
Small spanner (for nozzles disassembly): 1pc
Power plug: 1pc

Application of Smart Type Hot Air Rework Station
1. Electronic product assembly
2. Product development in scientific research departments
3. Electronic products maintenance
4.Electrical de-soldering operation.
5. Skill training in all kinds of electronic institutions

Related Names
Electronics Repair Tools | Circuit Board Soldering Equipment | SMD Rework Tools

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