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YIHUA-8508D+ Hot Air Rework Station

1. YIHUA-8508D+ hot air rework station applies the SAMSUNG SCM and PID program to accurately control the working temperature, thereby safeguarding delicate components.
2. Designed with manual/automatic functions, the air gun can be set according to the application conditions. In the case of frequent use, it can be manually set to save the repeated heating time.
3. The desoldering rework station has a wind ball used to indicate the pump pressure.
4. Shell of the whole machine unit is manufactured from ferroalloy. It is resistant to abrasion, damage, and high temperature.
5. This hot air rework station applies the handle shell made of unique temperature resistant materials. The handle shell is beautiful, and comfortable to use. It withstands temperature extremes.
6. It uses the highly reliable ceramic skeleton heater which can be used for a long time.
7. A stainless steel air outlet of the handle has good heat conductivity, and perfectly resists abrasion and oxidation.
8. The YIHUA-8508D+ hot air rework station applies spiral wind design. It uses the high quality air pump to produce spiral, soft and uniform air flow.


Working Voltage AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Output Power 550W
300℃ Constant Temperature Power
(Rapid PID program control, energy-saving and province electricity)
Working Condition 0~40℃ relative humidity< 80%
Storage Temperature -20~80℃ relative humidity< 80%
Dimensions 255*188*125mm
Weight 3.6KG
Temperature Range 100℃~450℃
Air Supply Mode Pump air supply
Air Flow 24L/min (Max.)
Temperature Stability ±5℃ (static state)
Display Mode LED
Temperature Correction Mode PID Digital program calibrate
PID Temperature Correction Cycle 200ms
Heating Element Ceramic skeleton heater

Standard Configuration
Desoldering Station:1pc
Manual: 1pc
Air Gun Handle:1pc
Nozzle:3 (5mm 8mm 10mm)
IC Extractor:1pc
Handle Frame: 1pc

YIHUA-8508D+ hot air rework station is developed for desoldering different components, including SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, etc. Particularly, it is suitable for small area, high-precision desoldering of SMD components.

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