1. YIHUA-850, YIHUA-850AD Hot Air Rework StationHandle wind tube of the equipment is made of silicone material. That means the tube is flexible, and resistant to high temperature. It won't be damaged within 30s when contacting with the 300℃ soldering iron.
    1. YIHUA-8508 Hot Air Rework Station Made of stainless steel, its handle tube comes with good thermal conductivity, and is resistant to corrosion and oxidation.
      Our hot air rework station applies the high quality air pump to make spiral, soft and uniform air flow.
    1. YIHUA-8508D Hot Air Rework StationIts air gun, which is specially designed to manually and automatically operated, can be set according to the application conditions. It can be manually set to save the repeated heating time, if it has to be frequently used.
    1. YIHUA-8508D+ Hot Air Rework StationYIHUA-8508D+ hot air rework station applies the SAMSUNG SCM and PID program to accurately controlthe working temperature, thereby safeguarding delicate components.

Diaphragm Pump Type Hot Air Rework Station

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