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    1. General TypeOnce the handle is not placed on the rack, the machine unit couldn’t detect the safety command. Therefore, we can avoid the negative effects resulted from the handle placed in the insecure or flammable places.
    1. Smart TypeIts air gun handle is designed with safety protection function. Each time when power on, the equipment couldn’t start work properly until the handle has been placed on the rack.
      All the parts of the smart type hot air rework station come with self detection function. They will ...
    1. Diaphragm Pump TypeHandle wind tube of the equipment is made of silicone material. That means the tube is flexible, and resistant to high temperature. It won't be damaged within 30s when contacting with the 300℃ soldering iron.
    1. Portable TypeThe portable hot air gun uses a PID programmable temperature microcontroller in order to track the hot air gun’s temperature in real time in a rapid 200ms cycle. It also features an automatic temperature correction to maintain a constant hot air temperature.

Hot Air Rework Station

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