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Soldering Iron

The soldering iron is a necessary tool for electronics manufacturing and electrical appliance maintenance. It is mainly used to solder wires and machine components. The soldering iron could be internal heating type or external heating type, according to its structure. It also could be the constant temperature type or temperature controlled type.

    1. YIHUA-907/908 Adjustable Temperature Soldering IronYIHUA907 adjustable temperaturesoldering iron is made with the exquisite patented design. It applies the newenvironment materials which is highly transparent. This soldering device haspositive transparent and back scrub.
    1. YIHUA 947 Electronic Soldering IronYIHUA 947 series has exquisite patented design, the use of new environmentally friendly high transparent material, positive transparent, back scrub, integrated mini malist design gives the atmosphere and feel. While the handle central with a high-temperature insulation ring to prevent heat transfer to the handle effectively.
    1. YIHUA 938D Hot Tweezers / Mini Soldering IronThe 938D hot tweezers utilize a high power heater, with a special design for easily de-soldering electronic component welding joints without coming into contact with other small parts. This mini soldering iron is commonly used for mass production applications thanks to the two soldering tips that double the working efficiency.

Usually, the constant temperature type applies the PTC component as its heater. It not only can maintain the constant temperature, but also is resistant to static electricity and induced electricity. This type soldering iron can be used to directly solder the CMOS devices. Differently, the temperature controlled type is added with a power controller, which can change the input power of the power supply. It comes with the maximum power of 60W.

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