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YIHUA-907/908 Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron

1. YIHUA907/908 adjustable temperature soldering iron is made with the exquisite patented design. It applies the new environment materials which is highly transparent. This soldering device has positive transparent and back scrub.
2. There is a high-temperature insulation ring in the handle central. The ring is used to prevent heat from being transferred to the handle.
3. The circuit part uses the dual panel and SMD technology design, guaranteeing the higher stability of the electronic iron.
4. This adjustable temperature soldering iron adopts the latest temperature control circuit. As an energy-efficient iron, it has rapid heating which shortens the temperature recovery time.
5. With the thermostat circuit and thermostat range of 200℃-450℃, the users can easily adjust the settings as needed.
6. Equipped with the long-life lead-free solder tips, the soldering iron can be applied to a variety of lead-free soldering processes.
7. It is an anti-static device which has an additional alligator clip ground wire. It meets different requirements.This device is designed to be easily replaced.

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