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YIHUA-926/926 Upgrade Version/ 926LED Table Top Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron

YIHUA-926/926 upgrade version Table Top Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron have below feature:
1. Adjustable temperature range: 200℃-500℃
2. Power: 35W, 45W, or 60W.
3. YIHUA-926 table top adjustable temperature soldering iron uses the latest advanced temperature control circuit for the precise temperature control.
4. Its iron heater is made of high quality and durable materials. It has a long service life.
5. The tube is made of high strength stainless steel 304.
6. Handle of the soldering iron is manufactured from the new high quality materials that are environmental and temperature resistant.
7. Between the handle and heating steel drum, we increased the high temperature isolation ring to transfer the effective heat insulation, increase the use comfort of the adjustable temperature soldering iron.
8. Because of the handle insulation technology and ferroalloy plate, the scalding damage can be avoided.

YIHUA 926 upgrade version the basic feature same as 926, but add solder wire holder, rosin clean ball,
(alloy copper wire suction tin tennis with rosin perfect blend Strong Clear prevent tips surface oxidation
It is the tip clean, maintain the best helpmate)
So when use it, it will offer more convenience.

YIHUA926 the heating type is external heating type.

YIHUA 926LED Soldering iron feature
1. Adjustable temperature range 200°C~480°C
2. The power 75W
3. Design with Fahrenheit / Celsius switch.
4. LED precise display soldering iron temperature.
5. The soldering iron has 10mins sleep function, it automatically detects when it is not in use
after 10mins, and automatically cools to 200 ℃.
6. Using the latest advanced temperature control circuit, precise temperature control.
7. The iron heater is made of high quality and durable materials, the iron heater is imported heater, the heating type is internal heating type, long service life.
8. Steel tube with high strength stainless steel 304.
9. Handle with a new high quality environmental temperature resistant material.
Between the handle and the heating steel drum we increased high temperature isolation ring to transfer the effective heat insulation, increase the use of comfort.
10. Handle with insulation technology, and plate adopts the ferroalloy material, to avoid scalding damage.
11. Add solder wire holder, rosin clean ball, (alloy copper wire suction tin tennis with rosin perfect blend Strong

Clear prevent tips surface oxidation. It is the tip clean, maintain the best helpmate) So when use it, it will give more convenience.

YIHUA 926LED-II digital soldering iron station
1. The digital soldering iron station features an adjustable temperature range, which is interchangeable between 90~300°C and 200~480°C.
2. Soldering iron power: 60W
3. The temperature display features both Celsius and Fahrenheit to meet the needs of different global customers.
4. Displays “0” if not in sleep mode, when not in sleep mode, will display SLP with a pre-set time range between 0 and 99 minutes.
5. The digital temperature correction function allows for an automatic temperature adjustment during repair, replacement, or overheating during operation.

For after-sales service and technical support, please don't hesitate to contact us by sending mail to yh9@yihua-gz.com !
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