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YIHUA-800/900 Series Electric Soldering Iron

1. YIHUA-800/900 series electric soldering iron is comprised of high temperature plastic, stainless steel casing, and other components.
2. On the handle central, there is a high-temperature insulation ring used to effectively prevent heat from being transferred to the handle.
3. The electric soldering device applies the long-life lead-free solder tips. Therefore, it is suitable for a variety of lead-free soldering processes.
4. YIHUA900 series has a power indication function.
5. The heating element is easy,convenient to replace.
6. This small and lightweight soldering iron is easy, convenient to use.
7. Actual Output Power: 30W or 60W
8. The handle is made of high quality, environmentally friendly ABS material for a comfortable grip.
9. The electric soldering iron utilizes lead-free external heating elements to maintain safety levels, and the soldering iron tip is extremely wear resistant, giving it a longer service life.
10. The soldering iron enclosure is made of high quality stainless steel and designed with a static resistant function to prevent component damage caused by static electricity or electricity leaks.
11. The soldering iron handle is built with a power indicator light to indicate if the equipment is in use.


Model Specification Max. Temperature of Soldering Tip Power Indicator
NO .830 AC 220V 30W 500℃ No
NO .840 AC 220V 40W 530℃ No
NO .850 AC 220V 50W 580℃ No
NO .860 AC 220V 60W 600℃ No
NO .880 AC 220V 80W 620℃ No
NO .930 AC 220V 30W 500℃ Yes
NO .940 AC 220V 40W 530℃ Yes
NO .950 AC 220V 50W 580℃ Yes
NO .960 AC 220V 60W 600℃ Yes
NO .980 AC 220V 80W 620℃ Yes
NO .960-II AC 220V 30W/60W 500 Yes

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