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YIHUA947-I/947-II/947-III Electronic Soldering Iron

1. YIHUA 947 series has exquisite patented design, the use of new environmentally friendly high transparent material, positive transparent, back scrub, integrated mini malist design gives the atmosphere and feel. While the handle central with a high-temperature insulation ring to prevent heat transfer to the handle effectively.
2. YIHUA 947 series electric iron overall stability is much higher.
3. YIHUA 947 series has energy-efficient, while rapid heating, cutting temperature recovery performance.
4. YIHUA 947 series with thermostat circuit, thermostat range 200 °C-450 °C. Users can very easily adjust the settings as needed.
5. YIHUA 947 series has use long-life lead-free solder tips, can be applied to a variety of lead-free soldering processes.
6. YIHUA 947 series has anti-static design, additional alligator clip ground wire, anti-static devices to meet different requirements.
7. YIHUA 947 series adopts a common device design, easy to replace devices
8. TYIHUA 947-I the iron handle is 30W, without switch on the iron handle.
9. YIHUA947-II soldering iron handle is 60W, the handle without switch, and the iron color gray.
10. YIHUA 947-III the power is 60W, have power switch on the handle.
11. We have 2 color optional, gray and blue, if you not request the color, YIHUA brand, we will send you gray color, please note and understand, thanks.

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