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YIHUA908+/908D/908D-Ⅱ Soldering Iron

1. Yihua908+ anti-static heated iron, temperature control using the latest advanced temperature control circuit, precise temperature control.
2. Yihua908+ heating core made of high quality and durable materials, long service life.
3. Yihua908+ handle with a new high-temperature materials and environmental protection, while steel tube handle and heat increases the temperature in isolation ring, effectively blocking heat transfer and improve the use of comfort.
4. YIHUA908D has all of the advantages of the 908+ are retained, with the addition of an LED digital display, allowing users to directly monitor the temperature and making soldering work easier.
5. YIHUA908D add to Celsius/Fahrenheit Display Temperature Function: To satisfy market demand in different regions,
the company has designed a temperature display mode.
6. YIHUA908D the soldering iron add to features a sleep function that can be set 10 minutes, it is unattended and not in
use after 10mins, it will then enter sleep mode to prevent soldering iron oxidation and effectively extend soldering iron head service life while retaining energy savings and environmental protection.
7. The 908D-II is an upgraded version of the 908D. It features all the same functions as the 908D, plus an extra digital temperature correction function, 0, 5, 10, and 30 minute sleep modes, and an interchangeable display between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

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