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About Us

YiHua Electronic Equipments Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, currently occupies more than 10, 000 square meters. It employs 230 people including at least 20 designers. 60% of them have over 5 years experience.

We have been committed to the research and production of soldering stations and DC power supplies for years. Till now, our product catalog covers hot air rework station, constant temperature soldering stations, DC power supply, etc. Since the establishment, our total production amount has exceeded 21, 000, 000 units, 30% of which were exported to the domestic market. The rest 70% have been exported to more than 40 foreign courtiers, including America, England, Chile, Brazil, etc. Especially in western courtiers and America, our product enjoys a large market share.

  • Install workshop 1
  • Install workshop 2
  • Install workshop 3
  • Install workshop 4
  • Workshop for Accessories 1
  • Workshop for Accessories 2
  • Workshop for Accessories 3
  • SMD workshop
  • Office
  • Cooperation Customer
  • Cooperation Customer
  • Cooperation Customer

Product Quality
With an attempt to ensure product quality, we specially set up a strict quality inspection department which has more than 20 professional inspection personnel. Additionally, we possess the various types of advanced equipment for production and inspection. Those facilities include reflow soldering equipment, wave soldering system, chip mounter, and so on.

All the processes from raw materials inspection to final products warehousing are in full compliance with the strict inspection standards. A series of strict appraisal standards have been set up by the Quality Management Department, so as to choose the qualified raw materials suppliers. 80% of our suppliers have been approved by the ISO quality system. Their products have been certified by 3C, CE, UL, SGS, and ROHS. In addition, we monthly and annually evaluate the suppliers.

  • ROHS Report for Electrolytic Capacitor
  • BC Certificate for Power Line
  • UL Certificate for Power Line
  • SGS Report for Circuit Board
  • Hand Shank Inspection
  • Circuit Board Debugging
  • Machine Debugging
  • Troubleshooting
  • Machine Function Testing
  • Anti-ESD Testing
  • Voltage Fluctuations Testing
  • Safety Testing
About Us

GuangZhou YiHua Electronic Equipments Co., Ltd.
Tel.: +86-20-87470526
E-mail: yh5@yihua-gz.com
Mobile: +86 18922175501
+86 18922175501
Contact Person: Jomi Liu

For after-sales service and technical support, please don't hesitate to contact us by sending mail to yh9@yihua-gz.com !