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YIHUA-8786D/8786D upgrade version/8786D-I Hot Air Rework Station with Soldering Iron

1. This hot air rework station features a PID programmable temperature control system and real time temperature tracking of each component, as well as an automatic temperature correction with rapid speed compensation and minimum tolerance.

2. It comes equipped with a hot air gun and soldering iron.

3. The anti-static design prevents static or electricity leakage.

4. Personalized Functions:
A. Temperature Correction Function:
The rework station will automatically correct the temperature due to environmental changes or replacement of the heating coil, soldering iron or other components.
B. Sleep Mode:
The soldering iron automatically goes to sleep if it is left in a still condition for 10 minutes, and the temperature will decrease to 200℃. This prevents the iron tip from oxidizing and other damage, as well as eliminates the need for a heat waiting period.
Activation Method:
a). Shake the iron handle several times.
b). Press any button once.
C). Power-off first and then power-on.
C. Cold/Hot Air Switch:
Switch from cold or hot air by pressing the button-the cold air function is especially designed to cool down heated elements processing.


Rated Voltage AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Machine Power 700W
Working Environment 0~40℃ Relative humidity< 80%
Storage Temperature -20~80℃ Relative humidity< 80%
Machine Size 13.5*15*10cm
Weight 2.6KG
Item Hot air gun Soldering iron
Working Voltage AC 220V±10% 50Hz AC 26V±10% 50Hz
Output Power 650W 50W
Temperature Range 100℃ ~ 480℃ 200℃ ~ 480℃
Mode of Airflow Brushless fan ---
Airflow 120L/min (max.) ---
Temperature Stability ±5℃ (static) ±5℃ (static)
Display LED (red/green) LED (red/green)
Temperature Correction PID digital program proofreading ----
PID Temperature Cycle Fast 200ms Fast 200ms
Heater Ceramics heater Common metal heater
Tips to Ground Impedance --- < 2Ω
Tips Voltage to Ground --- < 2mV

Standard Configuration
Machine: 1set
User manual: 1pc
Air gun handle: 1pc
Nozzles: 3pcs (10mm, 8mm, 5mm)
IC Puller: 1pc
Power plug: 1pc
Iron handle (including a heater and tips): 1pc
Iron holder: 1pc

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