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YIHUA-936A,YIHUA-937D+ Constant Temperature Soldering Station

1. With rapid heating and rapid temperature compensation, YIHUA-936A or YIHUA-937D+ constant temperature soldering station will result in no cold solder joints.
2. It is equipped with the imported high-power heater. Therefore, it is extremely suitable for desoldering large, complicated welded joints, in addition to the general small solder joints.
3. Its handle wire is silicone wire which withstands high temperature and has good flexibility. The silicone wire has no damage within 30s when on exposure to the 300℃ soldering iron.
4. Being anti-static, it will cause no damage to the delicate components.
5. This soldering station can automatically detect the faults. It will automatically alarm once detecting any failure.
6. YIHUA-936A or YIHUA-937D+ constant temperature soldering station is resistant to pressure and impact, since it is manufactured with the new solid mold.

Standard Configuration
Machine Unit: 1set
Soldering Iron Handle (include iron tips and heater): 1pc
Iron Holder: 1pc
High Temperature Resistant Sponge: 1pc
Manual: 1pc
Power Plug: 1pc


Rated Voltage AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Output Power 75W
Working Environment 0 ~ 40℃ relative humidity < 80%
Storage Environment -20 ~ 80℃ relative humidity < 80%
Dimensions 14.5*12*8CM
Weight 2KG
Work Voltage AC 26V±10% 50Hz
Temperature Range 200℃ ~ 450℃
Temperature Stability ±10℃ (Static)
Display Type 936A: NO937D+: Red/green LED display
Heating Elements Common metal heater
Tip to Ground Impedance < 2Ω
Tip of Ground Voltage < 2mV

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