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YIHUA1503D with 5V USB 15V 3A dc power supply regulated DC power supply

The YIHUA1503D is a 5V USB regulated DC power supply, and is popular in laboratories, educational facilities, electronic production lines, and more. This power supply features a compact structure and light weight, making it ideal for use as a portable, regulated DC power supply.

1. The output power is adjustable between 0 to 15V, and 0 to 5V, with a current range between 0-3A. The power supply features a stable output voltage, and is designed with an overload protection function, short circuiting protection, a buzzer alarm, and an auto recovery function.
2. USB port and RF design: The 5V/2A USB port can be connected directly to a computer or programmer, or used as a data transmission and phone charge. The RF design supports GSM phone signal detection.
3. Built with a DC voltage measuring function in a range of 0-50V.
4. Users can choose from 3 current ranges: 3A, 2A, and 0.3A with a delicate display mode.

Dual Voltage Output:
Mode 1:
Output Voltage: 0-15V (Adjustable)
Current Range: 0-3A
Charges or power supplies any 0~15V / 0~3A equipment.

Mode 2:
Output Voltage: 0-5V (Adjustable)
Current Range: 0-3A
Charges or power supply for any 0~5V / 0~3A equipment, such as smartphones and other small electronic devices.

Stable 5V voltage regulation effectively protects electronic devices from voltage overloading.

Why Choose Us?
1. The use of the most advanced technology guarantees a reliable performance: use of advanced IC (integrated circuit) control software from Samsung for a better accuracy, safety, and reliability in comparison to artificial circuits used by small factories.
2. High performance transformer
Our transformer uses an excellent conductor and highly efficient magnetic core. Our transformers are popular due to their compact structure, as most factories utilize large components with a low efficiency in order to reach an ideal performance level.

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