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YIHUA-1502DD+ DC Power Supply

1. Voltage: 0-15V adjustable, current: 0.6-2A adjustable, and 1.5V, 3.6V, 4.8V, 6.0V, 7.2V direct output of the sub-grade.
2. The YIHUA-1502DD+ DC power supply is durable with reliable quality. It has full power.
3. It has short circuit protection, automatic recovery function.
4. Its RF detector can detect GSM, CDMA, PHS mobile phone signals.
5. Double digital displays are separately used to show the voltage and current. Our DC power supply is affordable mobile phone repair equipment that is simple in operation, high in performance.


General Information
Rated Voltage AC220V 50Hz
Whole Machine Power 35W
Working Environment 0~40 ℃ relative humidity< 80%
Storage Environment -20~80 ℃ relative humidity< 80%
Dimensions 180*128*125mm
Weight 1.62KG
Output Voltage 0~15V
Output Current 0.6-2A
Source Effect 1.5mV
Loading Effect ≤0.13%
Ripple and Noise ≤4mV
Power Stability ≤0.5%
Measurement Accuracy 0.1V
Protected Mode Short circuit over-current protection, automatic recovery function
Mobile Phone Signal Indicator GSM CDMA PHS
Phones Emission Interference Anti-interference

The power supply is designed for the maintenance of NOKIA/ MOTOROLA / LG / Lenovo / Sony Ericsson / Other brand mobile phones and BP machines, as well as for laboratories/schools and other aspects of the production line use.

Related Names
Constant Voltage Power Supply | Voltage Regulation Power Supply | Cell Phone Repair Tool

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