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YIHUA-1502D+ Basic/Upgrade Version DC Power Supply

1. Output voltage: 0-15V adjustable, Current: 0-2A/0-500mA adjustable.
2. YIHUA-1502D+ DC power supply is high in stability, reliable in quality, and durable in use.
3. It is a full-featured device with short circuit protection function and automatic recovery function.
4. YIHUA-1502D+ basic have 5V/15 conversion function and has USB interface .
5. YIHUA-1502D+ upgrade version with the voltage test function, it can be used to test voltage range of 0-49.9V.
6. YIHUA-1502D+ upgrade version has Mobile signals such as GSM, CDMA, and PHS, etc., can be tested with this device.
7. Additionally, our YIHUA-1502D+upgrade version DC power supply has the on-off test function as well as 5V or 9V DC output function.


General Information
Rated Voltage AC220V 50Hz
Whole Machine Power 35W
Working Condition 0 ~ 40℃ relative humidity < 80%
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 80℃ relative humidity < 80%
Dimensions 205*140*200cm
Weight 1.9KG
Output Voltage 0 ~ 15V
Output Current 0-2A/0-500mA
Source Effect 1.5mV
loading Effect ≤0.13%
Ripple and Noise ≤4mV
Power Stability ≤0.5%
Measurement Accuracy 0.1V
Protected Mode Short circuit over-current protection, automatic recovery function
Mobile Phone Signal Indicator GSM, CDMA, PHS
Phones Emission Interference Anti-interference

This product is widely used to provide 0-15V DC power output and test 0-49.9V DC voltage in the mobile phone repairs or other related industries. Added with the 0-500mA grade, the DC power supply allows for more accurate test.

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