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BGA Rework Station

    1. YIHUA-853A/946B Series BGA Preheating StationIHUA-853A/946A/946B series BGA preheating station is madewith the anti-static design. It utilizes import-infrared ceramic heatingelement characterized by high heating efficiency and long service life.
    1. YIHUA-853AA,YIHUA-853AAA BGA Rework StationThis rework station features a PID programmable temperature control system and real-time temperature tracking for each component, as well as an automatic temperature correction with a rapid compensation speed and minimum tolerance.
    1. YIHUA-1000A,YIHUA-1000B Infrared BGA Rework StationBased on the market demand andlatest technological design, the YIHUA-1000A, YIHUA-1000B infrared BGA rework station isintegrated with the far infrared light, preheater, as well as soldering and hotair desoldering BGA rework stations.