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Digital SMD Soldering Desoldering Hot Air Preheat BGA Rework Station, Item WEP-853AAA+

The 853AAA+ BGA rework station is an upgraded version of the 853AAA BGA rework station. The front interface features an aluminum panel designed with an elegant appearance. Built with a 3-segment parameter memory design, the machine can save function modes in different parameters for easier configuration when switching jobs and components. You can set the pre-heating time and air gun operation time to realize automatic de-soldering.

Technical Parameters

Machine Parameters
Rated voltage AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Power ≤1270W
300℃The thermostat power of (high-speed PID programmable energy saving) 250W±10%
Working environment 0~40℃ relative humidity<80%
Storage environment -20~80℃ relative humidity<80%
Body size L320xW220xH100mm±5mm
Weight 6.5kg
Parts parameters Hot air gun Soldering iron
Work voltage AC 220V±10% 50Hz AC 26V±10% 50Hz
Output power 650W 75W
Temperature range 100℃~480℃ 200℃~480℃
Airflow type Brushless fan ---
Air Flow 120L/min ---
Temperature Stability ±1℃ (static) ±1℃ (static)
Display Type LED digital display LED digital display
Temperature correction type PID digital program IPID digital program
PID Temperature correction cycle Rapidly 20ms High-speed 100ms
Heating elements Ceramic skeleton heater Imported heater
Tip ground impedance --- <2Ω
Tip of ground voltage --- <2mV
Pre-heater platform
Work voltage AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Output power 600W
Temperature range 50℃--400℃
Temperature stability ±2℃ (static)
Display type LED digital display
Pre-heating platform area 120X120mm
Pre-heating platform material Ceramic heating material
Temperature sensor Type K thermocouple
Temperature range 50℃--400℃
  • Programmable hot air gun and pre-heating platform, the pre-heating platform allows for the setting of the operating time, working temperature, and airflow rate of the hot air gun to realize automatic de-soldering.
  • Temperature compensation function within ±80°C, automatically corrects the hot air gun and soldering iron temperature caused by environmental change or component maintenance and replacement.
  • The timing function allows operating time tracking from the beginning.
  • Air gun protection function will automatically power off the hot air gun if any malfunction occurs for safety assurance.
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