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LCD/Digitizer Touch Screen Separator Repair Machine, Item WEP-946D-III

The WEP-946D-III touch screen separator machine is specialized equipment designed for smartphone repair. The 5V/1A USB port can charge the smartphones during the repair process. The built-in UV curing light enables quick glue drying and enables greater bonding results.

Technical Parameters

Power 370W
Temperature range 50℃- 120℃
Display Type LED digital display
Temperature Stability ±2℃ (static)
Vacuum Pump Power 12W
Vacuum Pressure 0. 05MPa
Tip ground impedance < 2Ω
Aluminum interface (L)200MM x(W)110MM ±3MM
Dimension (L)300 x (W)160 x (H)90MM ±3MM
USB Port 5V 1A
Weight 4.6Kg
Working Temperature 0~40℃/ 32℉~104℉
Storage Temperature - 20℃~80℃/- 4℉~176℉
Storage humidity 35 %~ 45 %
  • Programming temperature control technology commanded by a built-in PID controller allows for the convenient adjustment of the temperature with a minimal tolerance.
  • Automatic temperature correction function:
    The adoption of aluminum boards can cause temperature fluctuation if the environmental temperature differs, and the automatic temperature correction function will correct the equipment temperature back to normal.
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