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SMD Hot Tweezer Soldering Station, Item WEP-938D+

The hot tweezer soldering station comes with two soldering irons; you can either use an individual soldering iron or both simultaneously with different time settings. This is best fit for two operators due to the personalized design.


Temperature Range 100°C~480°C/212°F~896°F
Display LCD
Temperature Stability ±2°C (Static)
Heating Coil Voltage AC 24V ±10% 50Hz
Tip to Ground Impedance <2Ω
Tip of Ground Voltage <2mV
dimension L150xW136xH93mm ±5mm
Wire Length ≥120cm
Working Temperature 0~40°C/32°F~104°F
Storage Temperature -20°C~80°C/-4°F~176°F
Storage Humidity 35%~45%
  • Backlit LCD display with delicate design displays the accurate temperature of each soldering iron, as well as some other functions.
  • Personalized Functions:
    A.3-segment Parameter Storage Function:
    Memory function stores different parameters and allows for quick retrieval for future uses in three different temperature ranges: CH1/CH2/CH3.
    B. Interchangeable temperature display mode:
    Temperature display mode changes between Celsius and Fahrenheit according to different markets.
    C. Sleep Mode:
    The soldering rework station has status a self-detection function, if the equipment is in static motion for a set time, the system will go to sleep and the temperature of soldering iron will decrease to 100℃. This function can effectively prevent the soldering iron from oxidizing, which prolongs the lifespan as well saves energy.
    D. Auto Power-off Function:
    The system will count down once the machine is in sleep mode, if the rework station is not activated again in set time, the machine will automatically power-off to save energy.
    E. Temperature Correction Function:
    The rework station can automatically correct the temperature due to environmental changes or the replacement of the heating coil, solder iron or other components with a temperature correction range of -50℃ ~+50℃.
  • The touch interface adopts intelligent virtual buttons with excellent sensitivity, fast response, stable performance and delicate appearance.

Standard Configuration
Machine: 1pc
Soldering iron handle (including tip and heater): 2pcs
Titanium alloy holder: 1pc
Rosin flux: 1 box
Instruction book: 1pc

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