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ESD Safe Adjustable Constant Temperature Electronic Soldering Iron SMD Rework Station, Item WEP-939BD+

The WEP-939BD+ SMD rework station comes with a sleep mode that can be set to power down within 0-99 minutes. The solder iron will automatically go to sleep once it is put back onto the holder and the temperature will decrease to 200℃. The soldering iron tip and heater have a status self-detection function and the system will automatically power off in case of malfunction or if it exceeds the maximum sleep time.


Rated voltage AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Output power 75W
The thermostat power (rapid PID program-controlled energy saving) 200W±10%
Withstand voltage and insulation tests AC1500V 0.4A 60S
Working environment 0~40℃ relative humidity<80%
Storage environment -20~80℃ relative humidity<80%
Body size 14.5*12*8CM
Weight 2.17KG
Work voltage AC 26V±10% 50Hz
Temperature range 200℃~480℃
Temperature Stability ±1℃(Static)
Display type Red LED display
Temperature correction type Digital PID correction
PID Temperature correction cycle 100MS
Heating elements imported heater
Tip ground impedance <2Ω
Tip of ground voltage <2mV
  • PID controller performs high-speed 100ms cycle real-time tracking of the temperature of the iron tips and delivers real-time correction. The rapid temperature compensation speed makes the temperature more stable and features a minimal tolerance to adapt to a variety of harsh environments.
  • The use of an imported heater is not only suitable for general small solder joints, but also particularly suitable for large de-soldering, solder joints, hybrid hard solder de-soldering, etc.
  • Anti-static design, which can effectively prevent damage to delicate components caused by static or electricity leakage.
  • Automatic self-detection, and alarm function if detecting any failure or malfunctions.
  • Brand new sturdy mold manufacturing, pressure-resistant anti-falling ferroalloy iron holder with durable lifespan.
  • The handle wire adopts silicone material, high temperature resistance with good flexibility, and the silicon wire will not show obvious damage when contacting with the 300 ° C iron tip for 30 seconds.

Standard Configuration
Main unit: 1set
Soldering iron handle (include iron tips and heater): 1pcs
Iron holder: 1pcs
Clean sponge: 1pcs
Instruction book: 1pcs

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