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75W Large Power Soldering Station, Item WEP-939D+

The WEP-939D+ soldering station is an upgrade version of our 939BD+ soldering station with an added 3-segment parameter storage function that allows users to save preset functions in different temperature ranges for convenient future use. Interchangeable temperature display mode between Celsius and Fahrenheit, adjustable sleep time, auto power-off time, and similar adjustable parameters. Users can quickly retrieve any desired parameter in the next operation.

The system will automatically back up with the previous temperature setting every time when powering on.


Rated Voltage AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Total Power 75W
The thermostat power (rapid PID program-controlled energy saving) 200W±10%
Dielectric Voltage Withstand Test AC1500V 0.4A 60S
Working Environment 0~40℃ relative humidity<80%
Storage Temperature -20~80℃ relative humidity<80%
Machine Dimension 14.5*12*8CM
Weight 2KG
Working Voltage AC 26V±10% 50Hz
Temperature Range 100℃~480℃
Temperature Stability ±1℃ (Static)
Display LCD
Temperature Correction Method Digital PID correction
PID temperature correction cycle 100ms
Heater Imported heater
Tip to Ground Impedance <2Ω
Tip of Ground Voltage <2mV

Standard Configuration
Machine: 1pc
Soldering iron handle (including tip and heater): 1pc
Titanium alloy holder: 1pc
Thermal resistant sponge: 1pc
Instruction book: 1pc

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