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SMD Hot Air Soldering Rework Station with LCD Display, Item WEP-995D+

The WEP-995D+ SMD Hot Air Rework Station adopts an air pump with an air flow rate of 120L/min and is usually matched with a large-diameter air nozzle to de-solder large soldering joints or IC components.

Technical Parameters

Item 995D+
Rated Voltage AC 110V ±10% 60Hz/AC 220V~240V 50Hz
Power ≤720W
Dimension L148xW99xH134mm ±5mm
Weight 3.0kg
Work Environment 0~40°C/32~104°F
Storage Environment -20~80°C/-4~176°F
Storage Humidity 35%~45%
Hot air gun
Airflow Type Brushless fan
Airflow ≤120L/min
Temperature Range 100°C~480°C/212°F~896°F
Temperature Stability ±1°C (Static)
Display LCD
Wire Length ≥100cm
Soldering iron
Temperature Range 200°C~480°C/392°F~896°F
Temperature Stability ±1°C (Static)
Tip of ground voltage <2mV
Tip ground impedance <2ohm
Display LCD
Wire Length ≥100cm
  • 3-segement parameter storage: CH1/CH2/CH3, users can select three different modes including soldering iron temperature, airflow rate, display mode, soldering iron sleep time, hot air gun manual or automatic operation according to user habits or processing product parameters. It is really simple to switch among 3 different modes and suitable for mass production.
  • Cooling function: Allows for fast cooling of processing elements for further procedures.
  • The hot air rework station has status self-detection function, it has an intelligent malfunction display and protection function when overheating, short circuit, open circuit, overloading exists.
  • Sleep Mode: If the equipment is in static motion for a set time, the system will go to sleep and the temperature of soldering iron and soldering wick will decrease to 200℃. This function can effectively prevent the soldering iron from oxidizing, which prolongs the lifespan as well as energy saving.
  • Hot Air Gun Protection Function: The coil will stop heating if any abnormal situation occurs for higher safety assurance.
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